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Alex (lead clinician), Sarah & Sheila run an exceptional clinic in Folkestone, bringing many years of aesthetic injecting skills to clients of all ages in the area.  The clinic diary is often exteremly busy and weekly clinics specialise in cornerstone non-surgical cosmetic treatments such as Dermal Fillers for lips and cheek enhancement, and anti-wrinkle (Botox) injections.  Clients can rest-assured that there are no treatments that offered that havent been performed many hundreds of times safely on numerous patients, with excellent results. 

All of the Folkestone practitioners are advanced clinical nurse prescribers, and have undertaken extensive industry training, and indeed have worked alogside some of the biggest names in the industry, incluing Merz pharma, as trainiers of other aesthetic doctors and nurses.

Drawing on their experience the products chosen in the Folkestone clinic have been personally selected to give the best all round results, and quality checked to ensure they are safe and effective.

The team passionately believes that even a small changes can have a huge impact on an individual’s happiness, which in turn promotes good health.

‘From the outset, my vision in aesthetics was a simple one. I wanted to create an environment where anyone and everyone would feel welcome and at ease discussing their personal requirements. It was and always will be my main focus that clients start a journey where we can work together to achieve the desired outcome, while being completely comfortable every step of the way.’   Mr Alex Goodrich.

What Dr Stonehewer says:

It is very clear that the team in Folkestone have a natural flair for cosmetic injecting.  I am very impressed by their work, and also by their extremely in-depth knowledge of skin health and tailored aesthetics.  What is particularly encouraging is that the team have personally trialed all the products to ensure they are effective, and this is something you don’t find that often.  Alex, Sarah and Sheila are warm and patient practitioners and maintain impeccable client satisfaction feedback, often with a fully booked diary of repeat clients.  I am very proud of the Folkestone team, and together they lead the Athena Clinic group as the Flagship Clinic.  The team will surely go on to become some of the leading figures in the aesthetics industry.


Anti-wrinkle Treatment

from £170

Excessive Sweating – £400

Dermal Filler

(lips, face, jawline, cheeks and advanced fillers)

Gentle subtle lip volume – (0.5ml) £160, £250 for fuller lips (1ml)

Cheek Volume – £250 for 1ml, £350 (2ml), £450 (3ml)

Jaw line – £250 for 1ml, £350 (2ml), £450 (3ml)



Advanced Procedures

8 point lifts, Nose remodelling (rhinoplasty) – Please enquire with the team as to your needs.

Treatments from Folkestone Clinic

Used for over 20 years, anti-wrinkle injections are the most effective cosmetic treatment for frown lines, forehead lines and lines around the eyes and lips.

Dermal fillers are soft hypoallergenic gels expertly injected to give volume to lips, cheeks and other areas of the face and to create a youthful appearance.

Profhilo is the newest skin tightening treatment designed to nourish the cells deep within the skin, stimulating 4 different types of collagen and elastin to restore skin firmness.

For those wishing for revitalized skin, the Perfect skin peels offer a unique blend of acids, with a unique strong antioxidant, resulting in a tighter, smoother and brighter skin after just one use.

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