Advanced Electrolysis

This is a treatment for facial thread veins, spider naevi (little red spidery dots on face and body), milia, skin tag removal on face and body and the treatment of moles and hairs in moles.

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How Long is Treatment?

Treatment time is up to half an hour.

How long do the results last?

The results can last indefinitely, if not permanently.

Is the treatment painful?

Electrolysis can be uncomfortable rather than painful.  Electrolysis uses heat via a hair like needle to remove skin lesions.

When treating facial thread veins the needle doesn’t even penetrate into the skin, but delivers the heat from the tip of the needle.


If there are any skin lesions that may need further assessment your practitioner should discuss this and can write to your own GP and request a dermatology consultation.

Any suspicious looking skin blemishes should be seen by a professional skin doctor via your GP for assessment.  If you have had any skin cancers in the past please let your practitioner know.