Vampire Facials

More than just skin care

Commonly known as the “Vampire Facelift or Vampire Facials” Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP (see below), is more than just a skin care routine.  It is the latest anti-ageing process to sweep the world of fashion and beauty.  Research is beginning to be done on its effect on collagen stimulation and there is promising research suggesting its effect in regrowth in athletes’ tissues.

Skin care or medical treatment?

Both, in fact! PRP is a naturally occurring component of your own blood.  The treatment utilises the potential of your own body to improve the overall texture and tone of your skin.

What can be achieved with Vampire Facials?

It aims to reduce wrinkles and blemishes such as acne scars by stimulating the growth of your own collagen and improving blood supply to tissue.

PRP treatment aims to give a rejuvenated, natural glow to the face. Skin may appear less grey, and wrinkles or thinner/fine skin areas may appear to have more volume .

Worn skin texture may appear rejuvenated and refreshed.

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What does the treatment involve?

A small amount of your own blood is taken (around 10-ml) in much the same manner as when giving blood. It is then processed in a safe and clinical manner using a specialised, state of the art system which spins the blood to separate the natural components (this is called centrifuging).  Your own blood, which is naturally enriched by the body, is reintroduced via painless, low impact injections or through a serum.

This approach takes advantage of your own body’s natural ability to heal itself and regenerate. The outcome is improved skin vitality, improved sun damaged skin and better hydration.

Who is this treatment suitable for?

The treatment is ideal for patients who hope to restore a more youthful appearance without surgery.

What results can I expect?

Visible results may take 3-6 weeks and clinical evaluations have shown that the effect continues of time.

For best results a course of three treatments is recommended over a period of 5 – 6 months.

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How does PRP work on tissues?

PRP is blood plasma (a natural component of blood) that has been enriched with platelets.  It contains stem cells, growth factors and is an extremely strong antioxidant. It promotes high levels of tissue regeneration, which are vital to cell growth and rejuvenation.

Safety Assurance

Platelet Rich Plasma is part of your own unique tissue structure, meaning you are using nothing but your own body to heal and improve skin tissue. This medical skin care routine just gives it a helping hand. Following the procedure there may be slight swelling and some redness, and slight bruising, but this is normal and shoulbe be only temporary.

PRP has been thoroughly investigated and is regularly used to treat a range of medical complaints and conditions, including tendinitis, osteoarthritis, cardiac muscle injury, nerve injury bone repair. It is also regularly used in plastic surgery.