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Dr Iwona Pogoda is one of the Athena Clinics Group’s most experienced doctors.  She has spent many years training in all aspects of medicine and has been a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners for almost 20 years, having then attained internationally-recognised certification with The Chinese Medical Institute and Register, as well as BMAS (British Medical Acupuncture Society) for medical and cosmetic accupuncture.

She is an extremely competent and confident cosmetic practitioner and runs an extremely successful premium clinic in Marlborough, focussing primarily on the cornerstone non-surgical cosmetic treatment – Botulinum Toxin A (Botox) for facial lines and wrinkles. 

Her approach to aesthetic medicine is rooted in her patient-centred approach and her extensive medical training have quickly established her as a 5-star practitioner in Marlborough.

Feedback for Dr Iwona has been consistently exceptional and repeat bookings are as a result of life-long client satisfaction with her treatments.

Further to her impressive medical and aesthetic accumen, Dr Iwona also offers Bio-Identical Hormone therapies to clients suffering from PMT, PCOS, Perimenopausal and Menopausal symptoms, as well as medical accupuncture for migraine, tension headaches and chronic pain syndromes.

What Dr Stonehewer says:

”The Athena Clinics Group doctors and nurses have a strong focus on maintaining high standards in Aesthetic Medicine and Dr Iwona also exemplifies this approach.  She is calm and knowledgeable, and creates a patient experience that is comfortable and well-supported, whilst guiding the client towards the right choice of treatment for their needs.  She a safe practitioner with the excellent judgement and medical accumen one would expect from a doctor who has worked as a GP for nearly 20 years.  She has a wonderful and caring personality and her skill lies not only in performing very well-balanced Botox treatments, but also in making patients feel truly supported from the very first consultation.  Her focus on clearly explaining the different treatment options to clients truly sets her apart and is  again the result of many years of medical experience.  It is a combination of these qualities and that Make Dr Iwona the practitioner of choice in the Marlborough area.  She is fully registered under the General Medical Council of the UK and maintains impeccable standards in Aesthetic Medicine.  A safe, much-admired cosmetic practitioner who will guide you safely through initial consultation to final treatment”

Treatments from Dr Iwona

Used for over 20 years, anti-wrinkle injections are the most effective cosmetic treatment for frown lines, forehead lines and lines around the eyes and lips.

Anti-wrinkle injections are also the most effective treatment for excessive underarm perspiration and work by gently reducing the strength of the sweat gland muscles.

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