Miss Mel Wright – St Albans

RGN. BSc (Hons) NP

Mel completed her aesthetic training in Harley Street London, and was tutored by Dr Uliana Gout, one of London’s leading aesthetic doctors.

Mel’s approach to aesthetics has always been refreshing and new – maintaining a holistic focus on the entire patient experience from initial assessment of skin health, to expertly administered dermal filler and anti-wrinkle treatments.  She has a natural flair for cosmetic injecting and has a consistently full patient diary, performing treatments every day, as well as attending conferences and advanced training seminars around the UK to develop her cosmetic skills.

As with all Athena Clinics Group practitioners she is a fully NHS-trained and qualified professional, and maintains excellent standards in Aesthetic Medicine.

The Athena Clinics Group doctors and nurses have a strong focus on maintaining high standards in Aesthetic Medicine and Mel exemplifies this approach.  She is calm and knowledgeable, and creates a patient experience that is comfortable and well-supported, whilst guiding the client towards the right choice of treatment for their needs.  She is indeed a rare find, as well as a safe practitioner with excellent knowledge of skin health and the treatments she regularly performs on a daily basis in her Henley clinic.  Having spent a number of years working alongside one of Buckinghamshire’s more established skin clinics has allowed Mel to develop her natural aesthetic abilities and wonderful personality into what it is today.  An excellent, safe aesthetic practitioner – Dr Xavier Stonehewer.


Anti-wrinkle Treatment

from £180

Excessive Sweating – £400

Dermal Filler

(lips and face)

from £200

The Perfect Peel


Treatments from The St Albans Clinic

Used for over 20 years, anti-wrinkle injections are the most effective cosmetic treatment for frown lines, forehead lines and lines around the eyes and lips.

Dermal fillers are soft hypoallergenic gels expertly injected to give volume to lips, cheeks and other areas of the face and to create a youthful appearance.

For those wishing for revitalized skin, the Perfect skin peels offer a unique blend of acids, with a unique strong antioxidant, resulting in a tighter, smoother and brighter skin after just one use.

Fire and Ice is an intensive medical facial which is designed to rapidly and safely resurface the skin, reduce fine lines, address problematic skin and encourage cell renewal for stronger healthier skin.

IV infusions have become the secret weapon of tired or burnt-out celebrities, including Brad Pitt, Madonna, Simon Cowell and Rhianna, to name just a few.

Profhilo is the newest skin tightening treatment designed to nourish the cells deep within the skin, stimulating 4 different types of collagen and elastin to restore skin firmness.

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6a/b St Brelades Place
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